Special Tour Packages


Our company specializes in Niche Tours that have been carefully planned and selected and are operated by well known suppliers. These tours include: River Cruises, Self Drive Boating across Europe, Gulet Cruises, Bicycle Ride Tours across Europe, Music Carnival in Lucerne, etc.

As some of our Niche Tours / Cruises are organized with the cooperation of our affiliated company in Israel, passengers on these specific tours may be required to have an Israeli passport. Some of these Tour / Cruise Packages are highly discounted for specific dates.



Following are some examples of our Niche Tours.


Switzerland Cycling Tours


Rhine Route - click here for details


Jura Bike Route- click here for details


Alpine Panorama Route - click here for details


Aare Route - click here for details


Lakes Route - click here for details



For information on other tours or cruises, please contact us at (408) 517-9906 or (408) 252-1111.


You may also email us with your specific request at info@hadartravel.com




Gulet Yacht Charter Cruise


Gulet's unique vacation packages are for travelers with the highest expectations, who simply want the most from their vacation.


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